STA 210: Regression Analysis
Learn approaches for analyzing multivariate data sets, emphasizing analysis of variance, linear regression, and logistic regression. Learn techniques for checking the appropriateness of proposed models, such as residual analyses and case influence diagnostics, and techniques for selecting models. Gain experience dealing with the challenges that arise in practice through assignments that utilize real-world data. This class emphasizes data analysis over mathematical theory.
Course info
Lecture All Students Mon and Wed 3:30p - 4:45p
Labs Lab 01 Thu 8:30a - 9:45a
Lab 02 Thu 12p - 1:15p
Lab 03 Thu 5:15p - 6:30p
Lab 04 Asynchronous
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Teaching team and office hours
Instructor Prof. Maria Tackett Wed 2p - 3p
TA Betsy Bersson Mon 8a - 10a
TA Meredith Brown Tue 12p - 2p
TA Cody Coombs Mon 11:30a - 1:30p
TA Sophie Dalldorf Thu 10a - 12p
TA Emily Tallman Tue 3:30p - 5:30p

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